Boyle Heights Residents Oppose Pollution


Some 300 people marched through Boyle Heights and held a protest in the parking lot at 1700 South Soto Street this evening, demonstrating against the massive Industrial Service Oil Company Incorporated (ISOCI), which is seeking to process a broader range of hazardous and toxic materials. For the past 20 years, the ISOCI has already managed an oil and anti-freeze recycling facility, and is now trying to bypass community and city input and is instead directly petitioning a permit from the State of California Department of Toxic Substances. Among the hundreds of protestors in attendance was Ana Rosa Franco:


Ana Rosa attends Resurrection Catholic Church in Boyle Heights, where Monsignor John Moretta makes beautifully strong moral arguments during Mass about social justice issues. Resurrection also houses a school – and the youth I spoke with told me that attending the march counted towards their community service hours! And these were not empty hours: every person I spoke with, young and old, knew the ins and outs of ISOCI and the issues – but simply put, as Roberto Cabrales from Communities for a Better Environment put it, “[ISOCI] has been a shady company for a long time… and it’s time for them to cut the pollution. The community doesn’t need anymore pollution!”

This is what the sidewalk on 1700 South Soto Street looks like, littered with broken-down equipment:


The expansion of a facility that doesn’t even respect public space on the sidewalk says a lot. And this time, the community is saying even more.


3 thoughts on “Boyle Heights Residents Oppose Pollution

  1. Neither the equipment, nor the building depicted in the picture for this article belong to ISOC. ISOC has been operating at the same location since 1972 in what has always been an M3 zone (heavy manufacturing industrial zone). It is a state of the art facility, not a “shady” company as recklessly stated by Roberto Cabrales of CBE, an organization based in Oakland, CA. Mr. Cabrales has never even seen the facility.


  2. Do your research ISOC, Roberto Cabrales is a native of Southern California, Southeast LA to be precise. CBE is also based in Huntington Park, CA relatively near your facility. Yes i have passed thousands of times by your facility and if I have never seen the facility it’s because you use the excuse of terrorism to hide your activities from the community your are polluting. CBE is a non-profit environmental organization with offices in Oakland and in Huntington Park, CA. Environmental Justice now!!!!


  3. Not to agree with “the enemy” but that doesn’t look like soto street. Looks more like whittier or third street. And i don’t remember a protest.


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